How to Find the Best Designer Website

How to Find the Best Designer Website

You’re probably a lover of design and have wondered how to find the best website designers. This article will walk you through the best websites for different designers, including Moooi, Gentium, Active Theory, and more. Take a look! Listed below are four of my personal favorites. What makes them stand out among the rest? Learn the secrets behind these websites, and which ones to check out for your next design project.


If you’re looking for the most beautiful website designer furniture and home accessories, Moooi is the place for you. This website has a well-curated selection of furniture, lighting, accessories, and is never boring. From vintage-inspired furniture to a mix of modern and contemporary designs, Moooi is the place to go for beautiful, unique pieces. From minimalist designs to playful patterns, Moooi is a website that inspires creativity and beauty.


Xcent is a personal template that can be used on one page and has a responsive design. It can be used for many purposes, including photography, freelancing, and minimalism. It is a HTML/CSS template, not a WordPress theme, so it is fully customizable. You can also customize the hero versions. This template can easily be customized to suit any purpose.


The typeface Gentium was released a few years ago by SIL International. The font family includes Latin-based alphabets that support the Greek script and an expanded character set. This font is intended for a wide audience and supports all Latin Unicode ranges. Although this design is still in beta, several versions are available, including Gentium Basic. Continue reading to learn more about the font family.

Active Theory

Active Theory’s website, a Silicon Beach-based design studio, combines technical precision and imagination to create an unforgettable user experience. With a fractured glass effect that follows your cursor, this website immediately captures your attention. Click on the sections to explore the portfolio in three dimensions. Each section also contains information about the project. A few tips for a great designer website:


A new advertisement for Carlsberg India’s drones catches our attention. The single-page design details the brewery’s history with an interesting slideshow that slides from right to left. This fluid transition from page to page feels like flipping a book. It is easy to absorb the information thanks to the clear copy and bold imagery. In addition to the new designs, Carlsberg also introduced an enhanced visual identity for its brand, which is a welcome change from their previous lager-like style.

Woven Magazine

Woven Magazine features many stories, in addition to an eclectic array of artists. Each story is presented in a simple text description and accompanied by a stunning photograph, allowing you to read and enjoy the article without being distracted by a bunch of unnecessary features. The articles can also be printed in physical copies. This makes browsing Woven Magazine a pleasurable experience.

Nest Wifi

The Nest WiFi router connects all your connected devices throughout your home. It consists of two devices: The router and the point. Both devices are squat cylindricals with rounded edges. The router is slick and smooth, and the point device has speaker holes on the bottom and a mute switch on the back. The Nest WiFi router is sold separately or as a two-pack bundle.

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