Best Website Design in the World

Best Website Design in the World

The best website design services in the world may be a recurrent theme, but some websites stand out above the rest for different reasons. For example, the Teacher’s Guild website is a great example of a website that puts interactivity at the heart of the user experience. It encourages visitors connect with it and convert by using a variety of styles and adapting to their tastes. Its high quality website design, which is an example of a website with a professional community of educators, has a unique approach to balancing diverse types of content.


Moooi is the best website design in the world, and for good reason. The website of this company uses an artistic mix between animation, flat colors and illustrations to provide a unique and exciting experience. The site also pushes the envelope on accessibility and responsiveness. Its modern, clean look exemplifies a grid-based web design that makes it easy to navigate.


One example of a web design experiment is the Carlsberg website. This website uses unconventional technologies such as data visualization and a gestural interface to engage visitors. The bold typography and images on the site help the reader quickly grasp the message. The drone video and book-like layout makes it easy to absorb information. The design also uses a variety of contrasting and complimentary colours. The overall effect is exciting and fun, combining both quality and style.

Virgin America

When comparing the best website designs, one thing stands out above all others – the simplicity. Virgin America makes it easy for users to find the information they need. Instead of trying to stuff a bunch of information into a small window, the website makes use of standard main menus. Hot links are also included within each page. It uses bright, colorful, and cute pictures to encourage viewers to stay longer. Overall, the Virgin America website is a good choice for an airline.

The Teacher’s Guild

The IDEO Design for Learning Studio has created the Teachers Guild. It aims to engage educators through design thinking. Its coaches use Design Thinking Superpowers (brainstorming, synthesis, prototyping, and analysis) to help them leverage their creativity. This website offers practical teaching tips and tools that will inspire educators. Teachers Guild members can connect with other educators through the website and increase their creativity confidence.


The website of the art community Adoratorio is an excellent example of a minimalist web design with a clean, uncluttered look. The website uses a balanced color palette which allows for seamless information flow. The website makes good use parallax effects. In fact, the site is so good that it won a CSS Award in the animated category. It uses pineapples instead of regular buttons.

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