Best Website Designs of 2016

Best Website Designs of 2016

We’ve already talked about the high quality website designs for 2016, but what else should be included? For example, the Moooi website is an immersive showcase of a well-curated collection of lighting, accessories, and other eclectic stuff. The website of Moooi is a great example of how animation and video can be used to enhance its usability and responsiveness. We also wrote about Black Negative’s new website, which is both beautiful and multisensory and a testament of IDEO’s extraordinary work.

Moooi’s website is an unexpected and immersive showcase of their well-curated mix of lighting, furniture, accessories, and other eclectic stuff

Moooi is a Swedish brand that specializes in curated lighting and furniture that aims to make your life easier. The company’s website showcases their work and features a variety of product lines. Moooi has a physical shop in New York City, in addition to their website. Moooi is located in the King’s Cross Design District, under a wrought iron canopy that is heritage protected.

Octopus Blog’s website is a testament to IDEO’s incredible work

The Octopus Blog’s website is renowned for its unique design and incredible content. It was awarded the Webby Awards Best Business Blog/Website 2019. Among the amazing aspects of the website are the black and white theme and the distinctive yellow highlighted in each blog title. Moreover, the website layout is so structured that every page pulls its audience in.

Woven Magazine’s website looks clean, minimalistic and modern.

Publishing is only possible with a professional web design. A Woven website will reflect the company’s style. A website that is well designed will give the company a unique look and reflect its values and principles. Woven Magazine is a print and online magazine focused on the lives of creative people. The site is clean, minimalistic, and modern, and showcases the magazine’s featured stories.