What Makes a Good Website Design?

What Makes a Good Website Design?

Whether you’re looking to create a visually appealing website for a new business or are looking to rebrand an existing one, there are some key elements that make a good website design. Focusing on the principle of less is more is the best approach. You’ll attract a wider audience and increase your chances to achieve your goals by keeping things simple. Continue reading to find out more. This article will help you understand the most important aspects to a website design.


A website design that is well-designed will be compatible with both landscape and portrait screens. It should be easy to switch between the orientations and use both. Multi-touch enhancements such as fade-out messages or fade-in messages will encourage users to switch to the correct orientation. If you’re unsure about how to adjust the layout, you can read about the different approaches to web design.


A website that is well-designed and efficient will have a strong navigation system. Navigation should be easy and intuitive. Avoid complicated navigation by keeping the number of items to a minimum. The user’s short-term memory can hold seven items plus or minus 2. Visitors will find it easier to understand a navigation hierarchy with fewer options. Besides, it helps search engines to evaluate your website more efficiently. Here are some best practices in navigation.

White space

One of the most important components of good website design is white space. Although most websites have a clear purpose, some websites are only created to generate traffic or sales. When used correctly, white space helps site visitors focus on important information and call-to-actions. White space helps site visitors form opinions about a brand in just 50 milliseconds after visiting the page. Visitors’ attention spans are very short in a crowded online environment. It is important to limit unnecessary text and images.

Image sliders

The use of an image slider is an excellent way to let users browse a picture gallery. Image sliders often have thumbnails of several photographs that are arranged horizontally beneath a larger graphic. You can customize the visibility of the thumbnails to suit your needs as a web designer. The design of the slider depends on its functionality and intended audience. Good website design features image sliders


It’s not hard to see that carousels look a lot like banner ads. Unfortunately, this can be a bad thing, especially since people are conditioned to quickly scroll down the page and close the many ads. Instead of letting people read the content of each slide, carousels allow them to view more of the content of the page. Carousels can display multiple products, such a video or photo gallery.

Content strategy

An excellent website design starts with a content strategy. It is important to understand your business and your audience. This will allow you to create content that is more likely convert customers into customers. For example, a website that sells shoes will probably be less valuable if it isn’t designed to sell shoes. You should also know what content you should create and how to present it to get the best conversion rate.

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