Top Website Designs of Singapore

Top Website Designs of Singapore

Nominated for the Singapore Website Awards are the top website designs in Singapore. For inspiration, you can see the winning designs by Warby Parker, Box Lunch, Lasalle and Box Lunch. It is important to consider whether your website is mobile-friendly if you own a business. These days, the majority of your target audience will access your website via mobile devices. According to a Forbes study, mobile ecommerce will account for 54% of all online sales by 2021. A good web design will position your business for success, and generate revenue.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker website designs are a good example of web design. As an online-first company, Warby Parker puts its focus on conversion. The homepage features a clear call to action, which guides visitors to the right page. Warby Parker also leveraged the power of PR in order to generate interest in its brand. Warby Parker was pitched by the PR team to magazines like GQ, Vogue, and the story ran within a day of the website’s launch.


Lasalle’s website design is crucial to show off the school’s many services for young boys. This award-winning website displays the virtual structure of the school, a popular point of interest for tourists. It is easy to navigate and attractive. It also features impressive images that convey the school’s professionalism. The site’s overall aesthetics are complemented by the font style. The website features a drop-down menu in the header section that helps visitors quickly access important information.

Box Lunch

A new pop culture retailer, Box Lunch, has opened its doors just in time for the holiday shopping season. The site features a carefully curated line of licensed merchandise, home goods, novelty items, and more. The company hopes to appeal to civic-minded millennials with their unique, quirky gift ideas. It is also known for its generous donations to charities, including Feeding America. And while the website may be a little cheesy in some areas, it’s definitely worth a look.


GMNBR is a great choice for a website design. The responsive design will keep visitors on every page engaged. And the GMNBR website uses RAMCO, an integrated membership and payroll system, which means you won’t have to worry about managing several separate accounts or software systems. GMNBR also uses Pages Module which allows them to display different components on different pages. These components are easy to switch out when needed and add a warm, inviting feel to the site.


Below are five reasons why Uplinq website design are the best. A design reel highlights the team’s work and demonstrates their aesthetic. The company has a diverse portfolio of projects, including websites, videos, and print media. A variety of fonts and animations are used throughout the website to create a compelling user experience. Animated figures on the home page add interest and match the company’s bios.

Watable’s homepage

WATable is an excellent tool for presenting tabular data. It converts HTML tables into data grid elements, which present tabular information with an interface that is similar to desktop software. This datagrid can now be recreated using JavaScript. It offers many features and even interactive UI controls. Why should you care? Read on to discover how this datagrid component can benefit your website.

Watable’s blog

The design on Watable’s blog is one of the best examples of how good typography and lettering can be used in a website. The blog is Tumblr-based and has a great use of typography. It is easy to use and the content never gets boring. It is one of the top website designs of 2019.


Weebly is a web hosting service. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, and is a subsidiary of Block, Inc., which owns a variety of internet companies, including Yahoo! and Google. While the website builder may seem like an ordinary web hosting service, it’s actually an advanced web development tool. Users can use the website builder to create a site, which can include many features, including a drag-and-drop editor, a gallery of your work, and more.

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