Best Looking Websites of 2015

Best Looking Websites of 2015

The most beautiful websites of 2015 weren’t always created and maintained by the largest companies. But when it comes to design, there’s a lot to admire in some of the best sites on the internet. Here are four examples that stand out. These sites include Hebe, Dress Up and Unmetric. Andy Warhol is also featured. All of these sites have one thing in common: they are all well-designed, but one site is very different.

Hebe’s website design

The Hebe eCommerce website design service is stunning. The website is full of beautiful photographs and great typography. Its fonts are thicker than most online fonts. The overall design is attractive and easy to use. Hebe’s is a website design that will impress visitors. There is no denying that this New Zealand fashion store is a hot property.

Dress Up’s website design

In the world of mobile games, Dress Up’s website design is the ultimate. The app has a variety of games that let you design clothes and add make up to a model. You can even use the camera to take photos of your creations. The website is beautiful and fun for all ages. Dress Up has several games that let you be a designer, too, with a variety of themes.

Unmetric’s website design

The eminent website design of Unmetric stands out from the crowd due to its simplicity. The full-screen design, minimalistic white background, and grid layout make the website look attractive. The website has a variety of categories including text, images and videos. It also features a striking soundtrack. The content is well-organized with a streamlined navigation menu in the top-left corner.

Developed specifically for brands, Unmetric’s social media intelligence platform tracks online behavior of over 25,000 brands across 30 industries and all major social networks. The company’s singular focus on client success translates into a thriving client roster that includes Fortune 500 companies, digital agencies, and more. Unmetric’s social media intelligence platform is a revolutionary tool that helps brands and businesses compete in a data-driven world.

Andy Warhol’s website design

During his career, Andy Warhol worked as a consumer ad designer, making use of the techniques of his trade to create a striking and recognizable image. During his famous “Warhol Factory” series, he reproduced the experience of shopping in the supermarket onto canvas. Many of these works are considered to be the first to imagine a new type of art. They glorify or criticize modern-day consumer behavior.

The American movie industry was an important influence on Andy Warhol, and his work was often based on pop culture. The auteur of Pop Art was known for giving mass production and industry a prominent place in pop culture. A website that follows the same approach today can increase sales, improve leads and boost return on investment. Below are some key elements that will make your website stand out among the rest.